Latela, is an honest representation of the friendship and the bond of a group of car-loving friends. 


The group has two garages where they fix and maintain cars, and also spend most of their free time. Fixing cars is a dear hobby for the friends, and sometimes it gets in the way of both work and relationships. There never seems to be enough time to maintain relationships, which creates friction.


“Usually, if someone’s girlfriend does not get along with the group, then they have to choose between the girlfriend and the group. Thus far they all have chosen the group,” says Lauri Huttunen, as he sheds a light on the philosophy behind Latela.


Latela was born in 2005 when two men named Lauri Valkama, and Lauri Huttunen, were mustered out of the army. They decided to put up the garage and to call it Latela. Soon the younger Huttunen, Jorma, inspired by Lauri decided to put up his own garage.

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